Quality Focus

Quality products and services lead to higher efficiencies and profitability for our customers. Dynatronix focuses on quality throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. Beginning with ISO9001 certification, we work hard to bring you the very best.

Dynatronix makes extensive use of a wide variety of design, simulation, and testing tools to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products.

  • During the design phase, our engineering team utilizes 3D modeling, thermal modeling and circuit design simulation. These tools allow us to design power supplies that are more robust than would otherwise be possible.
  • Our manufacturing group utilizes surface mount pick-and-place technology, reflow ovens, and wave soldering tools to help provide high reliability of the printed circuit boards within our power supplies.
  • Both during and upon the completion of manufacturing, the Dynatronix test group employs a number of tools to ensure the end product exceeds expectations. Proprietary automated test equipment, frequency response analyzers, and high-pot testing are all used. Additionally, a HALT (highly accelerated life testing) and HASS (highly accelerated stress screening) chamber with integrated shake table is utilized to ensure our customers receive the absolute best in power supply technology.