Lite Series (SLT): Outputs from 10 to 100 Amperes

Don’t let the small package fool you, the SLT Series offers up to 1200 watts of DC output.  Designed for applications where space is an issue, the SLT Series is ¼ the size of comparable MicroStar Series models.  Offering many of the most popular features used in today’s general metal finishing applications, the SLT has the attitude to out-perform its bigger competitors!

  • Current outputs from 10 to 100 amperes
  • Voltage (DC) outputs from 6 to 48 volts
  • Digital encoders for setting current and voltage
  • Digital meters for reading current and voltage
  • Automatically set to crossover regulation mode
  • Small Package Size:  2U high, half-rack
  • Rugged, environmentally-sealed, stainless steel enclosure

The SLT control interface features digital encoders and to set and read back current and voltage.  Sub-menus are accessible through the encoders to set ampere time or real-time cycles, output tolerance settings and more.

  • Real Time Cycle Control
  • Ampere Time Cycle Control
  • Ampere Time Totalizer
  • Digital input for inhibit/operator control
  • FrontPanel+ Host Control Program for process set-up generation and process storage/data logging
  • RS485 serial port for host control
  • Error signals for over-temperature, locked fan rotor, output out-of-tolerance and power failure/brownout conditions
  • Calibration capability through the encoders