Pro Series DC: Outputs from 0.001 to 50 Amperes

One of the most sophisticated power supplies available in the metal finishing industry today, the Pro Series offers the flexibility to be adapted to the most complex process.  From sophisticated electroplating applications in the semiconductor industry to high end nitinol electropolishing in the medical device market, the Pro Series can meet the needs of the most challenging applications today!

The Pro Series is a completely programmable power supply, built in a series of modules.  Multiple cells, channels within those cells, and differing outputs from the channels, are available.  Such flexibility allows the Pro series power supply to be utilized for such applications as multiple cathodes, multiple or segmented anodes, and multiple plating baths.

  • Current outputs from 0.001 to 50 amperes at 10-60 Volts DC
  • PC-based programmable controls
  • Selectable current, voltage & crossover regulation modes
  • Save/recall multiple process steps
  • Create/save/recall recipes incorporating multiple process steps
More Information

The Pro Series features a fully-programmable HTML browser-based control program (Windows-based control software is available as an option).  Menus are accessible to set current and voltage outputs, ampere time, real-time cycles, output tolerance settings and more. Typical features include:

  • Real Time Cycle Control
  • Ampere Time Cycle Control
  • Ampere Time Totalizer
  • Process set-up generation
  • Process set-up storage
  • Data logging
  • RS485 and USB ports
  • Error signals for output out-of-tolerance


  • A separate Windows-based software program, Dynacal II, is provided with each power supply.  This is a manually-controlled program allowing the user to check and adjust calibration from a desktop or laptop computer.  A semi-automated version is also available as an option.