Pulse Power Supplies

Dynatronix offers two types of pulsed output: high frequency pulse and low frequency pulse.

High Frequency Pulse: Available in the MicroStar and Pro Series product families, the high frequency pulse feature operates in the range of 0-5000Hz. It may be used in nearly every type of electroplating application.

Low Frequency Pulse: Also known as LFP. Available as an option in the MicroStar and Diamond product families, the LFP feature operates in the range of 0-200Hz. LFP has proven itself as a cost-effective solution in several non-precious metal applications.

Diamond Series

Digital Encoder Controls

Models: DHP

    Microstar Series

    Microprocessor-Based Programmable Controls

    Models: LFP, DuP, DP

    PRO Series

    PC-Based Controls
    Multiple Outputs

    Models: PMC