Demo/Rental Programs

Not sure if a Dynatronix product will suit your application? Since 1971 Dynatronix has featured a Demo Program, allowing customers to test its rectifiers in their environment with their process.

Dynatronix typically features 20-30 rectifiers in its Demo Program, including DC, pulse, and pulse reverse units. The program allows you to use one of our quality power supplies, free of charge, for a period of two weeks (10 working days). Technical support is available during this period to help you set up the power supply and initiate testing. If the two-week period is insufficient to determine satisfactory results, the rectifier can be transferred to our rental program. All power supplies within the Demo Program are available for rent on a monthly basis. A rental credit of 50% will apply for all months paid if a new power supply is purchased within 30 days of the last rental period. Contact your nearest salesperson or distributor for more details.