Custom. Power. Solutions.

Dynatronix specializes in providing custom power solutions for many applications. Our engineering staff loves a challenge! Let us work with you to develop a solution that is engineered specifically to your application.

The engineering departments at Dynatronix comprise over 30% of our total number of employees. Our design team averages over 50 custom designs each year. From a simple standard product modification to a complex engineering project that pushes the envelope in power supply design, Dynatronix can handle it. A few recent highlights include:

  • A 150 ampere DC power supply with reverse for producing high quality alkaline bottled water
  • A 10,000 ampere pulse power supply for spark plasma sintering
  • A 170 volt DC power supply for powering an LED ultraviolet (UV) light bridge for ink curing in the printing industry
  • A 2000 ampere DC power supply for railroad inspection
  • A low frequency pulse power supply for nanotechnology research and development