HALT/HASS Testing Services

Our Halt Chamber
In 2012, Dynatronix installed a Thermotron HALT/HASS testing environmental test chamber into our R&D Facility in Amery, WI. We have used it extensively to improve our product quality and reliability over the last two years. With a large portion of our business focused in the Semiconductor Industry, where product reliability is the key to success, in-house HALT chamber testing has helped us maintain our position as the go-to company for electroplating power supplies within this industry. Having a HALT chamber in-house has given us the opportunity to dedicate more test time for our products within the chamber than what we would normally have. Being able to test and evaluate our products prior to sending them off to a National Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) for 3rd party certification has reduced our overall NRTL expenses as well.

We have successfully used the HALT chamber to evaluate sub-assemblies and custom module designs prior to final product being sent out the door, however, there are times when our HALT chamber is sitting idle waiting for the next project to come along. Our internal success with the chamber led us to the realization that maybe there are other companies that could benefit from some mid-design or final stage design testing of their products as well.

Interested? Do you have a need to run your products through some HALT Testing to see how they perform? Let us help. We can’t offer 3rd party listings or certifications like you would get at a NRTL, but we can offer you a less expensive alternative to a NRTL to provide preliminary HALT testing and evaluation to help you better prepare your product for final testing and market release. Give us a call today for more information!

What is HALT Testing?
Highly Accelerated Life Testing is a testing methodology typically used during the engineering phase of product development. It is best used when focused on the lowest sub-assembly of the end product. Environmental stresses are applied to the product to the extent that they exceed those which are expected during the life of the product. A specially designed chamber, capable of controlling the environment as well as applying vibration, is used to test the product. The goals of HALT include:

• Determine multiple failure modes and their root causes.
• Determine functional operating limits
• Determine functional destruct limits
• Focus on thermal and vibration stresses
(separately and combined)

Our Chamber’s Capabilities:

Capability Range
Temperature -70C to +170C
Vibration Simultaneous 6-axis repetitive shock, 50 Grms, 5-10,000 Hz
Test Chamber Size 36”x36”x36” with 4”x4” securing bolt pattern
Weight Limit 600 Pounds
Thermal Cycling Cooling Compressor or Liquid Nitrogen Boost

For more information regarding the Highly Accelerated Life Testing, please contact sales@dynatronix.com