Demo & Rental

Demo unitsGive our Demo & Rental Programs a try!

Demo Program:
The Dynatronix Demo Program allows you to use one of our quality power supplies free of charge, except as noted under Terms, for a period of two weeks (10 working days) starting on the date that the demo power supply arrives at your facility. Technical support is available during the demo period.

A full range of power supplies, including Direct Current, Pulse, Pulse Reverse and Programmable power supplies are usually available.

Rental Program:

If the two week demo program is not long enough to determine satisfactory results, the demo supply can be transferred to our rental program. All power supplies within the demo program are available for rental on a monthly basis. A rental credit of 50% will apply for all months paid if a new power supply is purchased within 30 days of last rental period.

For both the demo and rental programs, Dynatronix requires a purchase order to track the power supply and cover the cost of shipping charges. 

Please note that all shipping charges are paid by the customer.

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