NEW!! DTX 2400 Series DC Power Supplies
The DTX 2400 Series utilizes switch mode technology to pack 2400 watts of output power into a 2U high, ½ rack wide, environmentally sealed enclosure. With bipolar output capabilities from 24 volts at 100 amps to 100 volts at 24 amps, this little powerhouse packs a punch.
Quality Focus
Quality products and services lead to higher efficiencies and profitability for our customers. Dynatronix focuses on quality throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. Beginning with ISO9001 certification, we work hard to bring you the very best.
Custom. Power. Solutions.
Dynatronix specializes in providing custom power solutions for many applications. Our engineering staff loves a challenge! Let us work with you to develop a solution that is engineered specifically to your application.
Demo/Rental Programs
Not sure if a Dynatronix product will suit your application? Since 1971 Dynatronix has featured a Demonstration Program, allowing customers to test its rectifiers in their environment with their process.
Power Supplies or Rectifiers?
Through our website, you will see the words power supply and rectifier used interchangeably.  From our perspective, they are one and the same.  We sell our products into a wide variety of industries and some of our customers use the term “power supply,” while others use the term “rectifier”.  Feel free to use the one that makes the most sense to you.
All New DTX 2400 Series DC Rectifier
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